Frequently Asked Questions

No, because I am not a used car dealer or work at a dealership. I have my dealer license for the sole purpose of BYPASSING the dealership's high mark-up and unfair low balling on the value of your vehicle. I can help you sell your car though, so feel free to discuss this with me when we talk.
Yes, at the auctions I buy from, we receive a 14 day / 250 mile guarantee AND some vehicles come with a "no questions asked" return policy. Returning a vehicle is very rare...Unless the problem is unfixable, you will receive a check for 100% of the repair amount to fix the problem (example: pwr window not working) THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST FEATURES OF MY SERVICE SO feel free to ask for full details.
No, but I will process your pre-approved bank loan.
Yes! Please feel free to discuss your individual needs as I have delivered vehicles within the state and out of state and to Canada at WHOLESALE rates. eg: Atlanta to Orlando = $150.00. Orlando to New York = $500.00
Just remember this. Where I buy vehicles, wholesalers are buying vehicles in bulk to sell to dealerships and dealerships are buying for their lots with a mark-up anywhere from 30-50% and higher depending on the deal they get. Compare this to my fee of 10% maximum. You especially save more on any vehicle over $15,000 because I max my fee at $1,500 for the sole reason that I think anymore then that is just plain greed! I will show you the average price you can expect to pay so you can compare this to what you can find "retail" and then you can decide if this is the way to go.
We are based in Orlando, Florida (the largest auction center in the U.S.A.). We can find a vehicle anywhere in the U.S.A. Also, if you are looking for ONLY SOUTHERN VEHICLES (No Winters) we make sure vehicle has not been registered in any northern state.
You are charged nothing up-front, nothing for researching any vehicles low-average-high WHOLESALE prices. The fee is based on what we spend/save and it averages out at 10% of the purchase price with a minimum of $500 and a maximum of $1,500. BOTTOM LINE: I have to warrant whatever fee I charge! ALSO: You DO NOT send me payment by Western Union or other such anonymous methods or even to a personal account or numbered company. You make your payment to our Orlando based dealership bank account which is a Florida state registered, licenced, insured and bonded dealership that you will verify before we buy any vehicle. My fee, which is aslo paid AFTER we purchase a vehicle is 100% credited toward any future purchase with no additional fee and no time limit if we return a vehicle and your full purchase price for the vehicle is 100% returned (See #6).